After Houses – Poetry for the Homeless

The poems in After Houses address the problem of homelessness. The brilliant poet, Tara Betts, wrote a powerful introduction for the book. AFTER HOUSES, published by 2Leaf Press, is an extended meditation on homelessness, and gathers together some of my earliest poems, the few that I have saved from the years, with the very newest.


The poems explore states of homelessness, and a longing for, even a devotion to, houses—houses as spaces where one could be safe and at ease. The poems move through an American landscape, between the South and the North, between childhood and adulthood, reaching toward a home that’s never reached, but always at one’s fingertips. In these poems, I draw from personal and family history, from classical mythology and architectural theory, to shape a poetry of empathy, in which some of the places where people get lost in America are faced and given place. AFTER HOUSES echo the voices of girls who have not quite survived, but who persist, intact in the way that Rimbaud insists on intactness, in words.