16 Ways of Looking At a Photograph

Oxford University Press 2019
Scholarship as Claire Raymond

Featuring an accessible and engaging writing style, 16 Ways of Looking at a Photograph: Contemporary Theories¬†explores key concepts that have shaped the interpretation of photography and photography itself. It begins with two important inventions–the development of the photographic negative and the capability to produce multiple prints–and then considers various theories from the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. The book concludes with an excursion into “post-photography” theory: the argument that in the digital era, photography as such is altered.


16 Ways of Looking at a Photograph pinpoints many of the theoretical issues/discussion points that are desirable in a photographic theory book. It will be useful at many levels of instruction. I have evaluated and considered other photographic theory texts, and many are difficult to digest. I found the writing style of this text to be compelling.”
-Rebecca Foley, Missouri Western State University

“In¬†16 Ways of Looking at a Photograph, Claire Raymond keeps the writing current, clear, and engaging without sacrificing the historical foundations of photographic criticism. I especially admire how she uses more precise terminology, but then explains it in the next sentence. That indicates a scholar who is more concerned with educating her public than impressing her peers.”
-Ginger Sheridan, Jacksonville University

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