Publishing scholarship as Claire Raymond, and poetry as Claire Millikin, I frame an interdisciplinary approach to poetics, aesthetics, and critical theory. Because writing poetry and writing scholarship are different acts, I identify my work in those different genres by using my middle name, Millikin, for published poems, and Raymond, my last name, for scholarship. As part of academia’s precariat, I taught for many years at the University of Virginia and currently am a Visiting Research Collaborator at Princeton University, and incoming faculty at the University of Maine. My emphasis in research is feminist theory, cultural theory, and critical race theory. I teach courses ranging from Feminist Theory to the History of Photography to seminars on Atrocity and Cultural Trauma. My numerous publications range from the textbook 16 Ways of Looking at a Photograph to critical theory monographs such as The Selfie, Temporality and Contemporary Photography. Poetry books include State Fair Animals, Ransom Street, and Dolls.