Photography and Resistance: Anticolonialist Photography in the Americas

Palgrave Macmillan
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Reviews of Photography and Resistance
“Through careful readings of the work of Indigenous American, Latinx, Latin American, and African American women photographers, Claire Raymond confronts foundational myths of Western cultural superiority in the Americas, myths that have persistently fostered forms of erasure, oppression, and violence. In a rigorously argued analysis, Raymond interprets diverse bodies of work that by subverting colonialist rhetoric enact a photography of resistance. Raymond provides a rich counter narrative to the mainstream photographic discourse, focusing on artists who act not only to critique and deconstruct, but who reimagine history and powerfully assert the realities and possibilities inherent in our contemporary moment.”
– Elizabeth Ferrer, Chief Curator, BRIC

“This book offers up considerable insights for photography studies. Claire Raymond’s analysis in Photography and Resistance subtly refigures what documentary photography is, and can be, through rich discussion of anticolonialism and resistance in and through photography. Raymond’s use of resistance as a concept or category is carefully unpacked through beautiful close readings of photographs. The photographs discussed represent an expansive approach to what constitutes activism in the realm of photography, and Raymond’s book does crucial and timely work in bringing attention to photographers such as Paula Luttringer, Shelley Niro, LaToya Ruby Frazier, An-My Lê, Rebecca Belmore and Martine Gutiérrez. This is a beautifully written monograph which – again – demonstrates Raymond’s ability to transform understandings of the political force of the photographic.”
– Dr. Jane Simon, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University, Australia